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Multi-Room Air Conditioning System Auckland

A multi-room warmth siphon arrangement enables you to warmth or cool various rooms all through your home while giving you singular temperature control in each room. This is on the grounds that multi-room warmth siphons have numerous indoor warmth siphon units, commonly all interfacing with one outside unit. They are the ideal answer for entire home warming and cooling for homes with no roof or floor space and houses with different levels. EES will enable you to work out the most productive and practical multi-room warmth siphon answer for your home and your necessities.

High Wall Mount

Room Heat Pumps introduced from $1799 RRP (20TKR 2.7kW)

Parlor Heat Pumps introduced from $2299 RRP (42TKR 5.1kW)

A divider mounted unit from EES is an extraordinary all-rounder for accomplishing warmth control and cooling in your home. They are practical, and when introduced appropriately by a specialist, it will offer extraordinary execution and productivity. A divider mounted warmth siphon can be introduced in any home or office.

Floor Consoles

Floor mounted warmth siphon units can look phenomenal and perform uncommonly well. They are an extraordinary arrangement on the off chance that you are searching for something somewhat more careful, or if there isn’t sufficient suitable divider space for a high divider establishment. In the event that you’d like a progressively thin line look, EES can break them into the divider to help guarantee an appealing profile.

Tape (Ceiling) Mount

Roof mounted warmth siphon units are frequently an astute answer for precarious home warming occupations when you need more divider space for high divider mounted or floor comforts. Mounted in the roof of your home or office, they associate through the rooftop space above. A roof mount can convey atmosphere control stream in one or four headings, contingent upon the room and your prerequisites.

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